STVS – A GUI for Geteta


stvs provides a graphical user interface for the verification of Structured Text source code against generalized test tables.


It is a graphical frontend for the geteta backend, providing a useful and beautiful user interface, e.g., a visualization of specification violations.

stvs is open source, provided under GNU Public License v3.


  • Verification of Structured Text against one or more specified generalized test tables
  • Transform a generalized test table into a concrete test table
  • Source Code Editor for Structured Text

Getting Started

Before you can use the full feature set you need to install z3, geteta, and nuXmv.

  • nuXmv is the model checker distributed under an academic license. Obtain a copy from and uncompress it.
  • z3 is available as binaries on their website. On Ubuntu you can install z3 through the package manager. (sudo apt-get install z3)
  • geteta translates generalized test tables into models for nuXmv and runs the verification. You can obtain the latest version from VerifAPS/geteta


  • Version 1.3.0 (20.07.2017)
    • Important: examples not finished
    • Specification supports navigation with tab and cursor keys
    • New UI of the specification table
    • Bug fixes in syntax highlightning
    • New XML-Namespace for config, session and specification files
    • New action: Resize of the specification
  • Version 1.2.0-beta (14.04.2017)
    • add examples menu
    • UI improvments in dialogs
    • default value of free variables are now arbitrary cell constraints
  • Version 1.1.0
    • First public release

The sources are available on ``__.

Documentation Material


This software was designed and implemented during the course Praxis der Softwareentwicklung by these students:

  • Benjamin Alt
  • Carsten Csiky
  • Lukas Fritsch
  • Leon Kaucher
  • Philipp Krüger


Feel free to use the issues tracker.