Traceability and Verifiability of Online Elections at Universities

Forschungsthema:End-to-End-Verifiable E-Voting
Typ: BA
Datum: 2024-03-25
Betreuer: Michael Kirsten


Online elections are playing an increasingly important role in the conduct of elections as an alternative to in-place or postal voting and are used in many parliamentary elections worldwide. Online elections are not yet legally possible at parliamentary level in Germany, but they are increasingly being used in university elections.

In this interdisciplinary Bachelor's thesis, online elections are examined from a legal and technical perspective. Technical and legal perspectives are combined by analyzing and evaluating legal requirements and existing technical solutions in a new methodology. Existing software solutions at universities are described and evaluated, as well as their distribution and the respective influence of online elections on voter participation and the costs of conducting elections. The focus of the work is on the traceability and verifiability of elections at universities in Germany as part of the principle of public elections, whereby the other election principles are also taken into account in the overall assessment.