Open-source Teaching Software Laboratory

The Software Laboratory for Educational Software

In order to cope with the challenges from digitization as adults, pupils need a comprehensive basic education in computer science. In the open-source-teaching-software-laboratory, pupils are to gather practical experiences in developing open-source software and simultaneously create material for computer science teaching in schools.

In addition to developers and software engineers, the KIT Faculty of Computer Science also educates future computer science teachers. In the new open-source teaching software laboratory, students can familiarize themselves with the development of open-source software in a practical course. They learn not only the tools and processes, but also the legal basics. Open-source software, i.e. software whose program texts can be viewed by everyone, plays an increasingly important role, since the source code can be viewed with greater confidence in the software, for example with regard to compliance with data protection regulations.

The laboratory connects schools with the computer science teacher training course. For this purpose, high school teachers are to be the clients of the laboratory. They can pass on the needs of the schools and students develop the software for computer science lessons in the laboratory. These can be development tools that students use themselves or software that didactically prepares computer science content.



Prof. Dr. Anne Koziolek, Dr. Mattias Ulbrich