The VerifyThis Collaborative Long Term Challenge

Book Chapter

Author(s):Marieke Huisman, Raúl Monti, Mattias Ulbrich, and Alexander Weigl
In:Deductive Software Verification: Future Perspectives: Reflections on the Occasion of 20 Years of KeY
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Part:IV: Feasibility and Usability


Over the last years, we have seen tremendous progress in the area of deductive program verification. To demonstrate this progress, and to bring the area of deductive program verification even further, we have proposed the VerifyThis Collaborative Long Term Challenge, which calls upon the program verification community to verify different aspects of a realistic software application over a period of several months. Goal of the challenge is to foster collaboration in order to verify a realistic and industrially-relevant software application. This paper outlines the considerations that we made when selecting the challenge, and discusses how we believe it will encourage collaboration. It presents the software application that was selected for the challenge in 2019–2020, discusses the practical set up of the challenge, and briefly reports on the received solutions and an online workshop where the different solutions were presented.


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