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Open PhD student and PostDoc positions in the group!

Interested in doing research in formal methods? We are hiring!

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New PhD Mihai Herda on 2019-12-13

Mihai Herda very successfully defended his PhD on 2019-12-13. His dissertation is on "Combining Static and Dynamic Program Analysis Techniques for Checking Relational Properties".

Cordial congratulations from all his colleagues!

FoMSESS Jahrestagung 2019

Am 29./30.11.2019 findet an unserem Lehrstuhl das 15. Treffen der GI-Gruppe FoMSESS (Formale Methoden und Software Engineering für sichere Systeme) statt. Das Treffen soll dem Austausch auf dem Forschungsgebiet dienen und insbesondere Nachwuchswissenschaftlern die Möglichkeit geben, ihre Arbeiten in einem informellen Rahmen vorzustellen.

Students Develop Open Source Teaching Software

In a new teaching laboratory, tools and programs are being developed for computer science teaching - developers orient themselves directly towards the needs of pupils and teachers.

In order to master the challenges of digitization as adults, pupils need a broad basic education in computer science. However, teachers often lack the right tools to teach subjects such as software development or IT security. In the new open-source teaching software laboratory at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), students will gain practical experience in the development of open-source software and at the same time develop materials for teaching computer science.

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New PhD Sarah Grebing on 2019-02-07

Sarah Grebing very successfully defended her PhD on 2019-02-07. Her dissertation is on "User Interaction in Deductive Interactive Program Verification".

Cordial congratulations from all her colleagues!

Software Project Blockchain-based E-Voting

Also this summer term, we offer a project as part of the bachelor course "Software Engineering Practice". On May 4, 2018, the project of summer term 2018 on the topic "Blockchain-based E-Voting" started. Within this project, a team of five bachelor students develops a complete software project according to the state of the art in software engineering. This semester, we use the permissioned Blockchain technology Hyperledger Fabric to realize traceable electronic elections by using a distributed ledger.

New topics for student theses

We offer a wide range of new topics for master and bachelor theses in areas such as verification of PLCs, extension of the KeY verification approach, formalisation/verification of social choice properties, and much more. Besides the advertised topics, we are open to your ideas within our research fields. If you are interested, please contact the respective members of our group.

Topics and Research Fields for Student Theses

The new KeY Book is available

The new book covers deductive software verification as realised by the KeY approach. It constitutes the ultimate source for the KeY tool since version 2.6.

The KeY book is published by Springer as vol. 10001 in the LNCS series) and available at Springer Link.

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CVE-2016-6313: Critical bug found in PRNG (August 2016)

CVE-2016-6313 - Critical bug in the GnuPG/Libgcrypt PRNG found with the help of the Entroposcope tool, developed by Felix Dörre and Dr. Vladimir Klebanov as part of the DeduSec project within the RS³ priority programme. The paper describing how Entroposcope works was presented at ACM CCS 2016 in Vienna in October 2016.

Update: Presentation at the 33th Chaos Communication Congress (33C3)